About us

About us

About us

24 Clean Energy Co.,Ltd.

24 clean energy Co. LTD was established in December 2014 with the aim to provide alternative power to Thailand which was at this time struck by flooding and with the aim to implement solutions which help to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.

The founders had the idea that an alternative power supply independent from the power grids would ease emergency situations by giving people the possibility to communicate with beloved ones while charging of mobiles was impossible with the normal power grids due to the flooding. Solar panels have the huge benefit that they do not rely on fossil fuels which are also sparse in emergency situations.

Furthermore, antennas, emergency communication, hospital equipment and other emergency relive tools could be run with solar power as well.

After the situation returned to normal the second stage of our business concept started – the implementation of solar power plants.


24 Clean Energy Co.,Ltd.

Our company has evaluated and keeps observing the following aspects which affect directly and indirectly the implementation of our current and future projects:
Political situation
Technical feasibility
Geological and meteorological survey
Social and economical development
Legal and financial regulations regarding land ownership Legal, social and financial aspects related to our project

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24 Clean Energy will prevail only if it is not just an ideal. It has to be a solution which works under the pressure of economic competition and can rely on its advantages such as independency from outer fuel resources once installed.
Becoming a leading Energy company in South East Asia
• Honest and straight to the point
• Scientific methodology and constant learning
• Social responsibility
• Transparent and international working standards

Mr. Andreas J. Doegel – CEO

Founding member of 24 Clean Energy Co. LTD Prior experiences include Head of R&D at QMI and technical director at Solarsunday Co. LTD Andreas Doegel studied geology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and speaks 7 languages. He is also the Chairman of AMIT Coffee Group Co. LTD, Red Dragon Investment LTD Hong Kong.

Ms. Phenphat Doegel – CFO

Founding member of 24 Clean Energy Co. LTD Former experiences include the position as vice president of Solarsunday Co. LTD and a long track record in the Thai financial industry where she maintains a strong network. She is also President of AMIT Coffee Group, Vice President of Red Dragon Investment LTD Hong Kong

Mr. Thomas E. Hogan – Advisor

Experienced in construction, operation and funding of conventional power plants, former president of Yellowstone Power plants. American national, studied engineering and filed several patents in the field.

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