Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner

Refrigeration technical combine with pragmatic art perfecting

24 Clean Energy Co.,Ltd.

air conditioner,combine with refrigeration technical and arts,consider air conditioners reliability and stability function, and also to consider harmony with room decoration(especially the type connecting to family: wall-mounted type,cabinet). And always use the latest surface handicraft; make you feel comfortable and suitable for air environment, the room space handicraft, make you feel comfortable and suitable for air environment, the room space showed more style, and more nature fresh. Biogas Construction

air conditioner use world famous compressor from japan, hydrophilic aluminum foil, super-quality internal threaded copper pipe and other key parts, add over 10 years technology and experience, the tip technical team, and consummate quality check, manufacturing hangning with high-performance effect.

Dual power On Grid Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning system,the power from solar panel priority supply directly to indoor & outdoor fan motor and compressor. when the solar power is not sufficient, by equipped with dual PV MPPT tracking system, the system automatically switch to run by grid power, thus achieved the AC/DC power supply interaction, and uninterrupted supply power to air conditioner, ensure the system high efficiency up to SEER36;

Wide voltage design, free combination of solar panels,make our system not limited by the installation space.Minimum only two solar panels required to run our system, maximum power of solar panels is 2700W.

Full DC control, superior performance, more cost saving. System advantages:

  • AC/DC dual power supply
  • High energy efficiency: maximum up to SEER 36; Even if there is no sunshine, up to SEER 21.
  • Convenient and quick installation, no longer require solar controller, battery and inverter
  • Using solar power priority, solar power utilization rate more than 95%
  • Solar power/grid power supply interaction, achieve uninterrupted power supply;
  • Wide voltage design, free combination of solar panels, not limited by installation place.
  • Compliant to all climate condition. (T1 & T3)

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